Whats Your Sweet Spot?2 min read

I would like to share a story about a client who joined me more than a year ago. It was actually February of 2016. I first would like to acknowledge him for being successful in business for 35 years. I also would share by being somewhat set in his ways he went way outside his comfort zone to summon the courage to hire me as a coach.

We, however, are happy to reveal that 2016 our first year working together became his best year ever in business by increasing his revenues by 31% and profits by 49%. This year seven months in we are up an additional 52% top line and 36% bottom line over last year, easily making this year his best year ever.

The question lies is how after 35 years in business were we able to produce these extraordinary results. The answer lies in us finding his sweet spot. 

In addition to creating a mission and culture to further empower the team while inserting systems and solutions for creating efficiency. We, most importantly, focused intensely on digging deep into the numbers. And the deeper we dug into the numbers, the deeper we dug into the numbers. We began to identify what products and services were producing the highest level of enjoyment, revenues, and margins for the organization.

Next, we started identifying the customers that were delivering the most transactions, higher average dollar sale and were also the most enjoyable to work with. We essentially found his sweet spot. By finding the sweet spot we simply focused on what was producing the highest results.

It’s proven that ‘where your focus goes is where your energy flows’. By now focusing on the clients that he most enjoyed doing business with that were actually not coincidentally providing the most business, the organization simply started producing more revenues and profit.

My question is, do you know your organizations sweet spot? Do you know what products and services are producing the most? Do you know what customers are giving you the most business, the most margins, and are the most enjoyable to work with? Do you have this all broken down? Do you measure and study these statistics and most importantly act accordingly to consistently produce the most for your organization by simply focusing on your sweet spot?

If you need assistance in finding your organizations sweet spot, simply give me a call.


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