What’s your word?2 min read

Throughout life somewhere along the way, we have adopted a word that describes who we are or how we have achieved the level of success we have today. Right now, if someone were to ask you what’s the one word that describes you? What’s the one word that you believe represents how you’ve accomplished the success and achievement that you have today?

For many entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s and business leaders alike, I believe the word persistence shows up quite a bit. Throughout the history books, persistence is always attached to some sort of great achievement.

For myself, persistence is and was my word. It has served me very well throughout my life. However, as I have matured in business and leadership I have adopted a new word that serves a greater purpose. A word, I believe is a step up from the word Persistence. That word to me is Intentionalism.

I’ve learned that we need to become extremely intentional on what we focus on that serves us most in our life and our business. We need to become intentional about who we associate with, the books we read, what we listen too or watch. We need to be intentional about who, what and where we spend our time.

The question you have to ponder is. Are you being intentional with your life? Are you being intentional with who you let into your environment or who you spend time with? Are you being intentional with what you read or don’t read, what you listen to or don’t listen to, what you watch or don’t watch? Are you being intentional with the conversations you’re having with a member of your team, a partner or a customer? Are you being intentional about who and what you focus your time on?

Don’t be the business owner or person that uses the old “I’ve got ADHD”, so I can’t intentionally focus or organize myself. No offense, but that line is a bunch of rubbish and it most certainly doesn’t serve anyone most importantly yourself.

Since time is really our most valuable asset and we need to honor and treasure it, being intentional is actually the best time saver in the world. Why? Because being intentional gets you laser-focused only on what’s important, what most moves the needle forward in your life and business. Being intentional also saves others time as you’re not wasting yours and you most certainly won’t be wasting there’s as you’ll be consistently focused on what’s most important to them and the organization. Intentionalism will also increase productivity which leads to better margins and ultimately increased profits.

I challenge you to get clear on your word. If it serves you well, congratulations. If it doesn’t time to adopt a new word that does. I’ve shared mine in intentionalism. So, What’s your word?