Why fail when you can prosper? – Don’t go at it alone!5 min read

Starting a business is not always the easiest thing to do. Statistics indicate that 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. Personally, I bought my coaching practice in the latter half of 2012 and unfortunately, my first year was rocky at best. Several months in, I was in Orlando with dozens of other coaches. My mind was strong and set to do some serious masterminding and business planning. Unfortunately, that evening, I received a call from my wife informing me that one of my brothers had just committed suicide. Talk about a mental shift. It literally rocked my boat to the core.  

I proceeded to attend the next day’s planning as I was still in shock however, understanding that at some point in the day I would simply break of which I did. I drove back home that afternoon and flew up north to Rhode Island to be with my family to go through the proceedings and bury my brother. After a brief time, I flew back to Florida where I reside as my entire family lives up in Rhode Island as I am the only one down here. 

First, let’s understand for any of us that have gone through a tragedy that there is no rule book on how to process it or how long it takes. Not understanding this, I felt that since I don’t live in Rhode Island and I don’t see my family day to day anyway, that it really shouldn’t affect me to seriously. I’m a coach, I’m strong, I’ll just go back to my practice and move on and be the coach. 

Oops, was I wrong! It had affected me very seriously to the point that my coaching practice had shrunk from seven clients to one in a few months. Seriously, how can you help others be their best when you yourself are struggling. I simply was in a bad place both personally and professionally to the point where I reached out to my organization and asked for help.  

Action Coach being the organization they are appointed me a coach of which guided me week after week to get out of the funk and systematically build myself and business back up. I’m proud to say that two years later I had won an award at our conference as well as having a client up on stage accepting an award. 

We all know that the harder you bounce a ball on the ground the higher it’s going to bounce back and that is exactly what happened to me in this journey. 

Why do I share this story? The simple difference between my brother and I was that he did not put his hand out when he was in need and I did. 

I don’t have to tell you that business and life it is not always easy and you cannot go at it alone. It doesn’t matter how successful you are. We all have blind spots, we all face difficulties that get us stuck and keeps us from moving from where we want to go. 

I encourage all of you if you have not done so already to seek out a mentor. Take a look at some of the most successful people and you will find that they either have had or now employ a coach or mentor. The value of having an unbiased professional second set of eyes take a look at you and your business to see the things that you’re not seeing both personally and professionally is priceless. It will help you see through those blind spots, make the shifts, and go where you need to go to become successful. 

My message to you is that if you are in business and you either need help or you are not where you want to be – don’t go at it alone. Put the ego aside and find someone that can help guide you, move you in the right direction, get by those blind spots, supply you with the systems, strategies, and solutions to help you grow both personally and professionally. I guarantee as to when you reach out and find that person or group of people and I speak for myself. You may just find yourself up on stage one day also. 

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