9 – 5 or Raving Promoters1 min read

Does your organization find challenges in the empowerment of your team or employees? Do you wonder why your team doesn’t possess the ownership and accountability you would like?  Are they engaged or disengaged? Are they simply nine to fivers or are they raving fan promoters?

We have to get clear on this because statistics show that disengaged employees actually cost our economy billions of dollars in lost production on an annual basis. This is a serious challenge.

What creates the difference in a team that is engaged or disengaged? It’s actually what we as leaders of an organization put or not put in place that makes the difference. It’s the culture we create, it’s the purpose and vision we set for the organization. It’s the rules of the game and the standard we set.

When an entire organization is clear on their Vision, Mission and Purpose, when they are clear on why they do what they do, why they serve their clients and what value they bring to the table. They simply will be more engaged in serving the customer. They will feel they are part of something bigger opposed to just coming to work each day.

When your team is enrolled in your organizations “Why” you will now have created your companies culture. You will have a more engaged team. You will have increased productivity and most important you will have created raving fan promoters of your organization which is always your best form of advertising.