Break The Chains!3 min read

A friend of mine returned from Thailand a few years back and shared a story with me. When he was traveling through Thailand, and he would see these huge elephants with a small rope around their ankle tied to a tree. And he thought, “That makes no sense. Those elephants are huge. They should be able to just swipe their leg and break that rope like a little piece of string.” But they couldn’t. Or could they? He then took a moment to ask an old man, “I don’t understand. Please explain.”

The man explained, when the elephants are small, they obviously don’t want those elephants to wander away, so they put a rope around their ankle and tie them to the tree. As the elephants grow up, that rope stays the same. It doesn’t become any stronger. They don’t put any thicker chains on the elephant. Why? Because the elephant grows up conditioned that it cannot break free of that rope and that tree. So as large and strong as they get when fully grown, that small rope is still connecting them to the tree of which they think they cannot break. But easily, if they just swipe their leg, they will snap it like a twig.  

Why do I share this story?

Is it possible that you, have something from your past, some conditioning, some type of baggage that you’ve been carrying for years, and years, that you have not yet broken free of? Are you forcing yourself to keep some story between these ears that you keep telling yourself that you are unable to achieve greatness because of whatever it may be that you choose not to break free of? The reason I bring this up and I ask you, have you ever been stuck, Obviously, we all get stuck at one point or another.  

When this happens, there are two things you can do to combat it.

Number one, I encourage you to get a composition book. Go back and inventory your life, and I would wager to bet somewhere along in your life you had a hardship or adversity that you thought you just couldn’t get through. There was no way that you were able to get through whatever was in front of you. But somehow you dug deep down, and you found the strength. You persevered. You powered through it. You look back and say, “Wow.” You did it. Write that down. Get connected to those situations, because you’ve done it in the past, you can do it again. Number two, I recommend you go find a mentor, find a coach. Understand, sometimes a coach will see more in us than we see in ourselves, and when we catch up to their vision, that’s where we achieve greatness.

Don’t go through life with a rope or chain around your ankle keeping you strapped to that tree of the stuff you’ve been carrying around for too long that’s keeping you from achieving greatness. Find a mentor, dig in your inventory, believe in yourself, bet on yourself, break free of it, and achieve greatness. Again, if you don’t know how to do it alone, or you’re struggling to do it, there are folks like me and many other people out there that can help you get what you want if you’re ready for the challenge. Go achieve your greatness, I believe in you!