Do you get an annual check-up?2 min read

michael dill business checkupIt’s a well-known fact that most people only go to the doctor when there is something wrong. They forego the annual check-up and then wonder why they get sick. Further, research shows that only half of annual check-ups include preventative care.

How many businesses get an annual check-up? Aside from profits and losses, do you have concrete benchmarks of annual progress? Do you run to marketing only when sales are low? Have you enlisted a business coach when the pieces aren’t quite falling into place?

ActionCOACH has a Business Health Check tool to help you assess your progress. With it you review your Time, Team, Money and Systems. These assessments will give you valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.


The Business Health Check reviews how you spend your time. Are you getting important tasks accomplished, spending time with your loved ones and yourself, and is your time spent effectively?


The members of your team should be the backbone of your organization. Is each member clear about the goals and objectives of your company and do they work well together?


We should assume that most companies are in business to make money. Have you reviewed your financial statements regularly to ensure your profit margin is in line and there are efforts in place to improve cash flow?


Ensuring that the organization flows seamlessly is dependent upon having systems in place that the entire team is aware of and follows on a daily basis. Implementing policies and procedures will reduce wasted time and efforts and give your team more confidence at accomplishing the goal at hand.

Take a moment and take a Business Health Check to establish benchmarks for your company.

You can access the test here:

Don’t wait until your organization is sick. Your business coach can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses and create a plan of wellness.