Is your business “cursed”?1 min read

The World Series is here and the Chicago Cubs have a chance to break their 108-year losing streak.  Many have attributed this drought to the “Billy Goat Curse”, as it’s become known.

The story goes that in 1945 a tavern owner by the name of William “Billy Goat” Sianis used to bring his pet goat, Murphy, to the games. Even though Murphy had his own ticket, Sianis was stopped at the gate and prevented from bringing his beloved goat to see the Cubs. Sianis was so upset, he declared, “You are going to lose the World Series and you are never going to win another World Series again.” And true to his word, the Cubs have not won the coveted Commissioner’s Trophy.

Many athletes are superstitious, but baseball players are perhaps the most. They are known for everything from not shaving to wearing two different socks. But none of these things is a substitute for talent and hard work.

Blaming lack of success on external factors is living below the line; one of Blame, Excuses and Denial.

Instead, business owners should take the onus for both successes and failures; Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility.

Before you go blaming a goat on your failure, or attributing your success to your socks, think seriously about how you really got to where you are.





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