Are you Buying Customers?2 min read

Do you see marketing and advertising as an investment or an expense? Do your marketing efforts really generate the amount of business your company desires? Do you know how much profit every new customer adds to your company’s bottom-line? Do you know how much each new customer actually costs you? If you have answered no to any of these questions … read on.

If you ever wondered on how you can generate more quality and repeat business … “Buying Customers” is the book that you’re looking for.

“Buying Customers” will serve as a roadmap that will teach you how to generate more customers, more revenues and more profits. The book is innovative as it is simple in its view on customer acquisition, lead generation, and customer service along with proven strategies that consistently drive repeat business.

In this book ActionCOACH Founder and Chairman Brad Sugars outlines tested methods for “Buying Customers” in ways you can immediately understand, use and apply.

In “Buying Customers” you’ll discover:

  • The importance of understanding your numbers as well as “testing and measuring.”
  • How to segment your customers so they truly become your best and biggest asset.
  • Effective strategies to generate more leads to grow your customers.
  • How to create a simple system for referrals that skyrockets any marketing investment.
  • Why lifetime value equals repeat business … and repeat business equals profits.
  • The importance of focusing 80% of your efforts and resources on your top 20% of your customers

Who needs to read “Buying Customers”?

If you’re just starting out in business, or are a seasoned entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional, “Buying Customers” will give you new insights to boost your efforts in a way that turns all of your sales and marketing investments into results!

I would like to however share a disclaimer with you – Don’t let the simplicity of this book fool you as the pages carry the proper information you need to understand how to grow your business.

“Buying Customers” will become an indispensable reference book in your library that you can go back to again and again to continue to implement strategies to achieve results in your business.


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