Are you eXtraordinary?2 min read

We are coming to the end of our abc’s of building a better business. Interesting enough on this occasion I found it a little bit difficult finding the perfect word to represent the letter x. So I cheated a little and went with eXtraordinary.

The definition of eXtraordinary is very unusual or remarkable. The synonyms are exceptionalamazingastonishingastounding, sensationalstunningincredible, unbelievablephenomenal, strikingoutstandingmomentousimpressive, singularmemorable, unforgettableuniquenoteworthy, out of the ordinary, uncommonraresurprising, fantasticterrifictremendous, stupendousawesome and wonderous.

These are all exceptional words that could very well be used by your customers to describe what makes you or your company eXtraordinary.

When you are eXtraordinary – you stand out above the crowd. When you are eXtraordinary – your customers find you – you won’t have to find them. When you are eXtraordinary – you create Raving Fan customers that spread the word for you.

Being eXtraordinary however is a commitment – it’s a mindset. It’s not an every other day thing – it’s an everyday thing. It’s a standard of excellence that must be up-hold by everyone representing your organization.

To discover ways of being eXtraordinary I would suggest going back and reviewing some of my prior blogs.

Step back and review “Do you have Happy Clients or Raving Fans?” Explore the ways to create those Raving Fan customers that won’t shut up about how great you are. When you have Raving Fan customers they will be using some of the above words in describing you and your business. I would also recommend reading my book review Raving Fans from last month.

Read my blog on “Are you Innovating Forward?” Innovators have a strong customer focus. They think “Outside the Box”. They build their brand, they identify their companies Vision, Mission, Culture and they embrace the world of possibilities as great innovators. These are all ingredients in becoming eXtraordinary.

Review “Have you created your (USP) Unique Selling Proposition?” Learn how to stand on top of the heap compared to all your competitors. Get clear on what traits separates you from your competition? Is your company simply blending in with the crowd or standing out as a known go-to source in your industry? When you get clear on you (USP) you will be well on your way in being eXtraordinary.

So, tap into what can make you eXtraordinary in standing out in your industry. Make the commitment in being the absolute best of being eXtraordinary and enjoy the ride. Because if when do so will your customers.


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