Are you sprinting towards the finish line?2 min read

Unless you own a retail store, you’re  a caterer, or a Christmas tree salesman, December tends to be one of the slowest months for businesses.

Is it because we’re all distracted by the holiday parties and the shopping?  Or perhaps we’re  exhausted from the 11 month race and just need to take a rest before we begin the new year.

Either way, it’s only the beginning of December and there’s still plenty of time to make 2014 your best year ever. So put  down your eggnog because I’m  going to give you some tips on how to finish the year out on top.

photodune-3834750-cross-the-finish-line-xsGET A TUNE UP
School is never out for the pro. Take this time in December and brush up on your skills by taking some online courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, or even attend a training class to sharpen your saw.  This will give you a huge advantage when January rolls around.

You can still make sales, and even increase over previous months, before the year ends. Create an advent calendar of discounts. Encourage customers to tune into your FACEBOOK page or website to discover a new offer each day.

Do you offer personal services?  Email your customers and let them know that you’re here to help them have a stress-free holiday season.  Or create gift certificates for customers to buy as gifts.

If you’re feeling really festive and you still want to socialize, hold a customer appreciation party. Offer an incentive, like half off their next service or purchase, for any customer who brings a friend or colleague who becomes a new customer.

Review the past 11 months and take some time to evaluate your processes and procedures. Take a look at how efficient your team was.  What worked well and what didn’t?  Now is a good time to make any changes that need to be made. You’ll have a month to put them in place and practice them before the new year begins.

Use this time to write your 2015 marketing and business plan.  Create a monthly plan of action with activities and budgets for each item.  Having a plan will ensure you have clarity and vision with your eye on the prize.

It’s easy to get comfortable and complacent in December. But unless you’re willing to accept a 9% reduction in profits this year, go all in this December and SPRINT towards the finish line!

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