Attitude – Action – Results = Think & Grow Rich4 min read

It’s interesting as I have many people ask me. Hey Coach Michael, what’s that Attitude – Action – Results all about?

While answering this question I always reply with the perspective of starting with the end in mind. Results are what you want. It may be business expansion, more money, better margins, a more empowered team, more inbound leads, and/or increased productivity. Personally, it may be a certain car, a house in a particular neighborhood, a bigger boat, or better health and fitness level. It could be any number of things for anyone of us based on who you are.

What I find is immediately people start doing more to achieve Results which equates to the Action part of the formula. The Action represents the work we do – the effort we put in – the Action we take to get what we want. There’s plenty of us doing all sorts of things to hopefully get us more of what we want both in business and in life. However, many people are taking lots of action, unfortunately, they’re still achieving the same old results.

This as a coach is where I begin to see the disconnect. The missing part of the equation is Attitude. I don’t necessarily mean not having a good Attitude or having a Bad Attitude. The Attitude in this formula is simply how you Think!

The reason the Results of what people are looking for is not congruent with the Action they are taking is because their thought process is not matching with the ultimate Results of which they are they’re seeking. If your thinking is not big enough, positive enough, directed enough, intentional enough to consistently direct your actions to capture the true Results that you say you want. Unfortunately, you are going to struggle with achieving your dreams. You simply can’t achieve more with the same ole thinking!

What’s the answer? There is a book that lays all the principles out that when we actually apply and master them, no longer will we be incongruent with this formula of success?

Think and Grow Rich is a book that was published 83 years ago with 13 time-tested principles that emphatically still apply today to simply teach us how to Think and Grow Rich! The principles in this book are the missing ingredients which will help us all get what we want and understand exactly how to get it.

I’ve read this book well over twenty times. I’ve listened to this book in my car over and over again. Unfortunately, I didn’t fully absorb the principles until I read the book the way it was designed to be read of which is with a group in a structured setting. Because of this experience and the extraordinary knowledge and understanding, I have absorbed, I have structured a well thought out course that will teach you the skills to master these principles as so you can finally, adopt the winning formula.

Two years ago, as we were covering the chapter on imagination a participant shared that she thought she was beginning to chase shiny objects as she had a concept that she wanted to explore. She realized through the course that it was not a shiny object as it was exactly where she needed to go with her organization of where she is now working with fortune 500 companies and has the lifestyle she always desired.

No matter where you are in life or in business. Whether you’re a top executive at a Fortune 500 company, a divisional leader within your organization, a manager, an employee, a business owner, entrepreneur or just a person who wants more. I highly encourage you to partake in a 10-week study that just could possibly change your life.

If interested, feel free to reach out at or call me at 954-675-9536.

Remember, to be ultimately successful both in business and life you have to possess the right Attitude “Thoughts” to take the correct Action to “Grow” to get the desired Results “Be Rich”!

Attitude – Action – Results / Think & Grow Rich!