Building a Winning Business2 min read

constructionEntrepreneurs who step out, take a leap of faith, and start their own business know there are challenges that they didn’t face working for someone else. But if the business is built step-by-step, like a house, the results are rewarding.

Blue Prints

Before building any home, an architect will draw up the blue prints and the design. In your business, you should start with creating a business plan, marketing plan and written goals.  Know who your customers are, your competition and any challenges you may face.


The most important part of building a solid house is something you can’t even see. The foundation. If it isn’t level, the house will tilt and tip. If it isn’t well sealed, water and mold can intrude and make their way into the house. In business, your foundation is your core values which speak to what your company stands for. Your mission statement that summarizes your philosophy. And your vision statement which clearly defines your goals.


Building the structure of your home so that it will keep out rain and wind, yet is also strong enough to withstand storms is the next part of ensuring your home is sound. Building your business’s frame will start with implementing systems, having clearly defined job descriptions, and written goals.

Decorate and Design

Once your house is built, you will start to decorate it. Your own personal style will make this house unique to you. When building your business, developing your unique selling proposition is what will make you stand out from your competition.


Even after building your home, there will be ongoing maintenance. In your business, doing regular check-ups and training will make sure that the entire team is on track. Annual employee reviews will motivate your employees and any constructive criticism, when delivered tactfully, will help your employees to grow. This maintenance will ensure that the team is always moving forward and will be consistently focusing on the big vision.

Whether your business is 1 day or 1 decade old, it’s never too late to ensure your plans, foundation, frame, design and maintenance is complete and sound. If you feel there are some areas you need improvement on, talk to your business coach. Together you can build a winning business.