Delivery Mastery3 min read

Delivery Mastery is all about how you get your products and services into your customers’ hands. It’s about delivering your customers what they want when they want it. Delivery Mastery is all about delivering what you said you would deliver, when you said you would deliver it the way you said you would deliver it, anything less is unacceptable. Simply put, Delivery Mastery is essentially about making sure you consistently deliver on your promise!

There are four main areas Delivery Mastery

Supply Mastery
Always make sure you have the proper amount of stock in inventory to ensure consistent delivery of your product and services. There’s nothing more frustration to a customer than not being able to get what they want when they want it. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered the special of the day only to have them tell you that they ran out – Really? How did that make you feel? What impression did that give you of that restaurant? Would you go back again?

Quality Mastery
You must deliver your quality of product or service with systematic consistency. McDonalds may not have the best food in the world however you know exactly what you are going to get every time, no matter where you are in the world. Quality has to be consistent to make a lasting impression. Your customer has to be confident that they can count on your consistency every time.

Easy To Buy Mastery
Make it easy for your customers and potential customers to buy your product and services. Don’t set up road blocks that will frustrate them to not buy. Create systems to guide your customers to easily purchase your products and services over and over and again!

There are many bad examples of Delivery Mastery – Let’s say you want to make a purchase over the phone. You make the call and the phone just rings and rings or someone answers the phone only to place you on hold. Worse yet you get this message – “I’m sorry, all our agents are busy at this time serving other customers.”

Let’s take a look at online ordering. You go online to order and the process becomes Frustration in Navigating. There are too many clicks, no on Line support, no 800 number to call or you timed out before purchase. These are all sure fire way to blow up your businesses future sales. Make it simple and easy for your clients to find and buy your products and services. It’s about making your products and services available to your customers when they want it quickly and easily.

Service Mastery
Don’t look at customer service as a transaction – look at customer service as an inter-action! “Service Mastery is just the feeling your customers get from you and/or your teams interaction and service!” Remember that customer service is not a department – customer service is an attitude.

When a lot of us think about Delivery Mastery we think about Federal Express – You know exactly what you are going to get when you are going to get it “Guaranteed!” . Another great example of Delivery Mastery is Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle Washington, yes it’s the place that throws the fish over your head to wrap it before they deliver it to the customer. Why are they so great in this process? It’s because they are clear on their why of their delivery. Their slogan is that “We want to be World Famous” and they are because of this.

Be clear that Delivery Mastery is the Life Blood of your Business. Make it a priority to consistently deliver your absolute best to your customers. Give them what they want when they want it. “Consistently delivery on your promise, Excel over your competitors and create your Raving Fans!”

If you want to understand more about perfecting your delivery process, talk to your coach.