Get serious about having fun3 min read

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Americans work more than in any other country. They take less vacations and retire at a later age. So when did we go from working to live, to living to work?

Despite all of our “serious” advice at ActionCOACH intended to give you more time and abundance in your business, the most important tip we can offer is to have fun doing it. ActionCOACH believes in creating fun in your work and life that they have named it number 10 on their 14 Points of Culture: “I view my life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated and I create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so all around me enjoy it as well.”

Are you creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness around you? A few tips about creating some fun and joy at work and in your life:

1) Don’t take yourself, and life, so seriously – Mistakes will happen from time to time. It’s inevitable that something will go wrong. How you react to a situation will dictate the mood around you. Do you let your temper get the best of you? Then your co-workers will be nervous, stressed and walking on egg shells around you. But if you laugh at yourself when things go wrong, they will take your cue and be more relaxed.

2) Schedule time for fun – Sure you can say you’re busy, but it’s a fact that if you take time for yourself, to relax and recharge your batteries, you will be more productive. Schedule time for yourself, your family and even some fun time with co-workers.

3) Make a bucket list – Life is too short to spend it with your nose to the grindstone. No one ever says on their deathbed, “I wish I had worked more.” Think of all the things you’ve always wanted to do and do them! Want to go skydiving? Scuba diving? Traveling? Go for it! Take the afternoon off and go to the beach with your family. Believe me, your job will still be there, but you may be creating some great memories with your family that they will always treasure.

Having funThere are many studies that prove that having more fun in life and at work fosters creativity and productivity. Sick days and employee turnover are reduced. And when you have fun at your job, you never get bored and you attract some amazing talented people who actually want to come to work…with you!

If you don’t enjoy getting up every day and going to work, take a look at what you don’t enjoy about your job. If you are stressed out, it’s showing and affecting your family, your job and your health. Talk to your ActionCOACH about finding areas in your life that you can work on and make adjustments so that it’s more enjoyable.

Now go out there and get serious about having some fun in your life and business! Because when you’re having fun, you’re in the zone and when you’re in the zone, you’re cashing checks!