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This Monday the United States will celebrate Memorial Day, and remember the dedicated men and women of the Armed Forces who gave their lives while serving our country. While you and your family are spending the day at the beach, or BBQing by the pool, take a moment and remember the sacrifice these young men and women made. They did it because they possessed loyalty and dedication. When you think about your company, have you created an environment of loyalty and dedication?


Are your customers, and your team members for that matter, loyal to your company? In Brad Sugars’ book, Instant Repeat Business, he discusses the concept of the Ladder of Loyalty to categorize customers.

  • Raving Fan
  • Advocate
  • Member
  • Customer
  • Shopper
  • Prospect
  • Suspect

Soldiers who willingly go into combat are not just members, they are Raving Fans of their country, their cause and their comrades. Have you provided top-notch products and services to the point that your customers will fight for you and brag to all of their friends?


Are you dedicated to fulfill your plans, vision and mission? One of the reasons for failure is taking your eye off the ball and losing focus. Soldiers who go out on a mission are laser focused on accomplishing their goal. Find out what matters most, and it should probably be creating raving fans out of your customers, and then dedicate yourself to accomplishing this mission.

This Memorial Day remember the coined phrase, “All gave some. Some gave all.” Are you the entrepreneur giving some? Or giving all? Talk to your business coach about how you can create more loyalty and dedication in your organization.