Are you a role model?2 min read

We all had that one person we looked up to. It may have been an athlete, a politician, a teacher, movie star, or even a parent. Some people will call them idols, and others role models. What sets them apart is their behavior.

Following the actions of a role model can help shape a person’s future. They may aspire to be as successful as the person they look up to and mimic their behavior. If it’s an athlete, they will try to follow the same diet and exercise regime. If their role model is a business person, they may shadow them and learn entrepreneurial skills.

But did you know that people who look up to you are watching how you behave outside of the office or off the field? If you are exhibiting poor behavior, they may try to mimic that as well.

What makes a good role model?

First, a good role model is committed to their success. They strive every day to achieve excellence. And it is said how you do anything is how you do everything. Everything a good role model does is carefully thought out and executed. They engage in actions that will only help themselves and others, not hurt them.

Second, a good role model has character and integrity. Not just some of the time, but all the time. They say what they do and do what they say.

Lastly, a good role model is ambitious. They are constantly raising the bar and seeking out new and better ways to achieve success.

How can you become a good role model?

Starting with your morning affirmations, focus on “I Am” statements that will create a mindset of success. If you have bad habits, include those in your “I Am” statements as well. Some examples are:

  • “I am consistently following a business plan to create a business that can work without me.”
  • “I am only eating foods that will nourish and enrich my body”

As you can see, I Am statements can promote positive behavior or eliminate bad behavior. It’s all in the dialogue that you repeat every day.

For more help on becoming a better role model, talk to your business coach. He can help to identify any blind spots that may be preventing you from having a few more idols.