Are you Creating a Vision?3 min read

A couple of games don’t make a season, however it’s pretty obvious that there has been a major shift in the mindset of the Miami Dolphins Football team. How did this all happen? It started with the new interim coach Dan Campbell creating a vision of what he wanted to see in the team. He then went out and enrolled the players in that vision and so far – they have responded. Coach Dan Campbell envisioned an ultra – competitive, highly aggressive, fast, energetic team that competes on every play.

Why is this important? This is important because before you can ever get any organization exceling to the pace that you want it to go – you first have to be clear on your vision. When you and the entire team are clear and enrolled in the vision and direction of the company everyone will bring that extra bit of energy and ownership to the equation each and every day.  On the flip side if your organization does not have a clear vision it and your team will most likely just float by day to day.

In any organization when you begin the process of strategic planning, visioning should always come first. When visioning the change, ask yourself, “What is our preferred future?” and be sure to:

  • Draw on the beliefs, mission, and environment of the organization.
  • Describe what you want to see in the future.
  • Be specific to each organization.
  • Be positive and inspiring.
  • Do not assume that the system will have the same framework as it does today.
  • Be open to dramatic modifications to current organization, methodology, teaching techniques, facilities, etc.

Key Components for Your Vision

Incorporate Your Beliefs

Your vision must be encompassed by your beliefs.

  • Your beliefs must meet your organizational goals as well as community goals.
  • Your beliefs are a statement of your values.
  • Your beliefs are a public/visible declaration of your expected outcomes.
  • Your beliefs must be precise and practical.
  • Your beliefs will guide the actions of all involved.
  • Your beliefs reflect the knowledge, philosophy, and actions of all.
  • Your beliefs are a key component of strategic planning.

Benefits of Visioning

The process and outcomes of visioning may seem vague and superfluous. However the long-term benefits can be substantial. The benefits of Visioning:

  • Breaks you out of boundary thinking.
  • Provides continuity and avoids the stutter effect of planning fits and starts.
  • Identifies direction and purpose.
  • Promotes interest and commitment.
  • Promotes laser-like focus.
  • Encourages openness to unique and creative solutions.
  • Encourages and builds confidence.
  • Builds loyalty through involvement (ownership).
  • Results in efficiency and productivity.

Beware of the Vision Killers

As you engage in the visioning process, be alert to the following vision killers:

  • Tradition
  • Fear of ridicule
  • Stereotypes of people, conditions, roles and governing councils
  • Complacency of some stakeholders
  • Fatigued leaders
  • Short-term thinking
  • “Naysayers”

If you and your organization are clear on your vision and it is being followed by your entire team – Congratulations. If not – take some time and give it some heavy thought of what you would really like to create with the direction and vison of your company.

If you need any assistance in creating your companies vision, feel free to contact the coach.