Book of the Week: Raving Fans By: Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles2 min read


The stakes of keeping your customers are getting higher and higher all the time. Just having happy or satisfied customers doesn’t cut it anymore.  If you really want a booming business now-a-days, you need to create more! You need to create Raving Fan customers.

Our job in business is not to be content with having satisfied or happy customers. It is not to just live up to our customer expectations. It is not to be confident that our customers will keep coming back again and again. Our job is not to “under promise and over deliver” that’s the old way, the high way. Our job is to “over promise and over deliver.” Our job is to deliver absolutely “outside the box” awesome memorable customer service. Our job is to create Raving Fans! Raving Fans that are almost like disciples. Disciples that will go out and sing your praise to whomever and wherever they go.

Raving Fans is a wonderful book that is written in a brilliantly simple story to teach us how to define our vision, learn what a customer really wants, institute effective systems, and make Raving Fan Service a constant feature – not just another program of the month.

Understand that customer service is all about the moment of truth – that point in time where your business is in direct contact with your customer. By reengineering or improving those moments of truth you can differentiate your business and achieve customer service excellence.

In this book, Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles describe the secrets that, if embraced, will allow you the reader to create a truly unique customer service experience for your business.

Weather you share this paradigm or have a different view, this book, Raving Fans, is bound to shift your thinking beyond the traditional “moments of truth” thinking into a world of  possibilities – providing you with a framework to redesign your customer service vision beyond anything you have currently considered possible.

Raving Fans is an essential read for anyone working in the field of customer service, however if you are a business owner or a senior manager in a customer service environment that wants to excel then it is more than an essential read.

Enjoy reading this book as I did and after reading I’m sure you’ll be on your way to creating some changes to your current customer service model that will not only keep your customers coming back again and again, but empower them to be Raving Fan Advocates that will sing your praise to whomever they meet wherever they go.


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