George Washington Risked and Won!1 min read

George Washington, born February 22, 1732 won America’s freedom because he refused to accept defeat as a possibility.

“It is my full intention to devote my life and fortune in the cause we are engaged in, if need be,” he told John Adams , then a member of the Continental Congress and eventual Vice President.

John Adams, was also one of the fifty-six men that had later signed the Declaration of Independence which was essentially a death warrant for all those who signed it against England. It was actually the spirit of this decision of signing this document that Washington and his army carried through to victory. Failure was never an option for those fifty-six men, Washington and his army of dedicated men.

Washington, never hesitating in battle was a widely regarded hero in the French and Indian War. With this it was an obvious decision by the Continental Congress to choose him as the commander of the Continental Army formed in 1775.

Washington made a habit of surrounding himself with men that didn’t necessarily possess Military experience but men that possessed drive and a dedication to the cause. It was with this drive, spirit and dedication that Washington was able to tap into to drive his army on a 500 mile march to eventually claim victory at Yorktown.

Washington, had he played it safe and not risked making that exhausting drive through Valley Forge onto Yorktown, the war could have gone on for years.

It was this same leadership, drive and dedication to the cause that lead to George Washington to becoming our first Continental President in 1789.

Celebrate his day with the same leadership, drive and dedication to your cause and it will surly be won!