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Several years ago, as I was conducting my due diligence on buying my coaching practice I spoke with several close trusted colleagues along with some high-end coaches to master mind out my decision process. One executive coach in particular that I connected with made a rather large impression on me and opened up a line for further communication.

Several months later into my practice I suffered a family tragedy which pretty much rocked my world. Fortunately, with the help of some strong people around me including my wife and one from above, I worked myself out of this position.

Several months after this incident I happened to call upon this particular coach with a question. When she heard my voice her first response to me was, “where the heck have you been? I thought you disappeared.” I told her that I was in a bad place and I simply didn’t want to bother her with my troubles. At that point, she pretty much lit me up. She told me, “you have troubles, you need someone to lean on, you call me. I don’t care what time it is. You call me. I’ve got your back!”

It was those last four words that stuck with me, “I’ve got your back.”

Stop for a moment and think of the feeling you get when those four words are spoken to you. The feeling of relief and confidence you gain when someone shares those words. When someone authentically has your back, and is there for you no matter what without expecting anything in return, that’s just an awesome feeling knowing you have someone like that in your corner.

What would happen if those four words were the culture in an organization. What would it look like if everyone in an organization knew that the person ahead of them, behind them and beside them had their back.

Think of the Navy Seals or Seal Team Six. That is the exact culture of which they live buy. That’s a culture that breeds strength and confidence in an organization.

I challenge you today to connect with someone that you know has your back and simply thank them for that relationship. I ask you next to go out and connect with someone of who you can let them know that you have their back. Create this culture in your organization and you just might be surprised on how far you can go.

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