Life isn’t a game, yet we still play our life like it is

Recently a group of 20 business men and women gathered for our annual Leverage Night. Leverage is a fun, interactive game that allows players to apply the principles of business during a fun-filled evening of “playing the game”.

After the entrepreneurs divided into 3 groups, they began strategizing how to increase their profits of their mock business using the 5 ways order of importance to impact the bottom line: 1. Margins 2. Conversion Rate 3. Average $ Sale 4. Number of Transactions and 5. Leads.  What people struggle and excel in is illuminated in the game: the understanding on how to measure the investment versus potential return. What is stressed during play is the importance of having systems,  and knowing when and where to spend your money to deliver a return.

One thing I observed that evening is that the way we play the game matches our behavioral styles.  I witnessed players who were aggressive, passive, and conservative; much like what we see in the real world of business. Some players were very competitive and wanted to win at all costs. While others were trying to help the other players by giving away their tips, tricks…and even money! The reality is, this is usually how we run our business.

We all learned more about the way we run our business and even more about ourselves. However the bottom line is, although the players took away some valuable lessons in operating their business, life isn’t a game.  And even though life isn’t a game, we still play our life like we play the game. What personality style do you resonate with and how is that serving you and your business?

Feel free to talk with your business coach about leveraging your business to be more profitable.