Really, another meeting?3 min read

You’re kidding me, another meeting, really. Is this usually the thoughts or responses from some members of your organization when they become aware of another scheduled meeting?

Why do so many seek ways to avoid meetings? The answer is, there are simply many live examples of why meetings are not effective and become a waste of time and energy.

Have you ever attended meetings that didn’t have any clear, concrete format or guidelines? Or the dictatorship type meeting where the leaders of the organization just lay down the laws and don’t ask for any feedback or opinions? Where mostly the only things pointed out were the things that went wrong, with hardly any praise of what went right.

Have you ever attended a meeting where it spiraled out of control, where it became more of a bitch session, where the same people engage while others just sit with their arms folded and annoyed? Is it the same routine where certain people like to hear themselves talk while others simply don’t listen?

Is it that at the end of the meeting you walked away with no clear action plan and felt like your time was wasted? A meeting where the only time people attending are happy is when it is over.

If you’re reading this blog – you most likely want to get the most out of your team. I’ve found with any team whether it’s a husband-wife or a multi-level organization. The effectiveness of the team always comes down to proper communication. Unfortunately, communication sometimes isn’t very efficient.

Step 3 in Building your Synergistic Dream Team is to implement, useful, constructive, effective weekly meetings that will produce favorable beneficial results.

A proper constructed meeting will increase communications – which in turn will create less stress, time & energy spent – People will be clear on their roles, responsibilities and what tasks to execute on the given week – You won’t have to go back and explain things 2 or 3x’s which will free up your time to work on and grow the business. These are all benefits of effective meetings.

Let’s take a look at what an effective meeting looks like.

  • First, a meeting should always be conducted early in the week. As so you can create the game plan for the week ahead and take a look back at the week prior.
  • Start with a WIFLE (What I Feel Like Expressing) – Give everyone the ability to express in a positive manner – This will create a connection and space for people to express what’s been going on.
  • Review the Biggest wins from prior week – Praise those who accomplished their goals and created great results – Don’t point out things they didn’t do vs what they did – Focus on what they’re doing – what they’re accomplishing – how they’re moving forward.
  • Review the Challenges from the prior week – Remember that Challenges are not problems –

It’s the challenges that we get to brainstorm as a team to give us our ability to grow and become better – Discussing as a team to find a solution to the challenge will create teamwork and growth.

  • What’s most important for this week – Review everyone’s weekly Vital Functions of what needs to be executed.
  • Finish up with the question of, “Anything else important that may have been left out?”
  • Recap the weeks individual action steps & expected outcomes.
  • Close with an what I call an “Energy Bounce” – It could simply be a 1 2 3 Clap – Go XYZ Company Name.

With a well-constructed weekly meeting done in this way. Your organization should experience increased teamwork, efficiency, productivity, communication which all eventually leads to increased revenues and profits. And if I remember correctly, that is our true report card and what we are graded on in the end.