That’s it right there! That’s why I serve!

For about five to six years I’ve been reaching out to my audience with these blogs. However, I don’t think I ever came clean and really shared with what I believe I bring to the table.

I first have the honor and privilege of representing one of the best organizations in the World of which is Action Coach. We are a 25-year-old organization, in 76 countries, have thousands of coaches around the world impacting business owners, leaders, organizations, teams, communities, and families who are getting huge results. We have every system, solution, strategy, an idea that if you were to apply to you and your business you are sure to get results.

Myself, I have 40 years of experience in business. I ran restaurants years back where my last run, we took a brand-new store to store of the division two quarters in a row and had the number 1 performing front bar in the nation. What I really learned in running restaurants is that it was all about the people. All I had to do as a leader was to find what made each individual on duty feel good about themselves because when you find the ability of what makes your entire team tick to be on their A-Game I guarantee they will run the organization for you.

My next step was as a financial advisor for eighteen years of which I learned how to deal with not only the complexities of the market, however, the volatility that goes along with it as well. I had to learn how to manage both the expectations and emotions of myself as well as my clients. Dealing with the dotcom bubble of 2000 was a huge learning experience for me, remember it was also this period that we had 9/11 which brought emotions to even a higher level. Leaving my practice in 2005 and switching over to consulting advisors till 2012 brought on another big challenge during the market meltdown of 2008 of where I needed to be on my A-Game to be my best to assist advisors that were struggling with their own emotions handling that current environment.

It was in 2012 that I started my coaching practice. Why? Simply to serve. Serve others to get the best out of themselves, their team and their organization.

What I have learned is to tap into what I believe is my secret sauce. As an organization, we have all the systems, solutions, strategies and ideas to take your business to the next level. Making more money, getting more clients, acquiring more ideal clients, creating a team that represents ownership, accountability, and culture, that’s all a gimmie as long as one follows the processes and the systems, they will get all that.

What I mostly believe is that we all have what we need to be our best, we have the experience, the knowledge, the courage, however, sometimes it just gets stuck and we need someone else to bring it out in us. That’s what I believe is my secret sauce, the ability to take what one already possesses to leverage it, capitalize it and really tap into the full potential of themselves. As when you tap into the strength to be at your best day in and day out it affects everyone else around you. And that’s where the real results come from.

The reason I know this works is that I had one particular client that grew his business more than fifty percent, his confidence went through the roof, he became a great leader of his team. Everything that he wanted in his business, we got! However, with all that. The greatest win was when I was at his home and his wife approached me and said, “Coach Michael, I have no idea what you did with my husband, but I owe you a hug, a kiss, and a thank you.” That’s it right there! That’s why I serve!

Keep in mind that it’s not just about growing the business, the team and making more money. It’s about being the best you can be and having that type of impact on the people you love the most.