The Formula for Life Success1 min read

The Formula for Life Success


It is said that we are all human beings – however I would disagree on that fact as I believe most of us are human doings. Let me explain. In life or in business when we want more, most of us automatically think what should we do to get more. Think about it, most organizations, franchises and companies train their people on what they need to do to grow their businesses.

However, is that all there is – doing more?

What about who you need to BE to do more. What type of mindset do you need to possess to take on these new challenges to grow? What type of person do you need to see yourself as to take these next steps?

What type of person perseveres when all seems hopeless? What type of person triumphs when others seem to quit? All the doing in the world won’t get you to the top of the mountain on its own. It’s who you are, it’s who you become in the process that gets you there.

Richard Branson is not just who he is because of all he’s done. Yes, that is a very large part of it, however he first got clear on who he needed to be to start the fire to make it all happen.

The next time you decide that you want more – don’t go and make a huge list of what has to happen. Just start with one question -“Who do I need to BE to make it happen?”