What color is your beach ball

Imagine yourself at a boardroom table where all the important members of your organization are seated around the table. Now imagine a large beach ball directly in the center of the table. Depending on where you are sitting at the table will determine what color of the beach ball you’ll be facing.

On one end of the table could be the President of the organization of which his or her beach ball is blue. The other end is the Vice President of which his or her beach ball is red. Those who are sitting on the different sides of the table may be seeing a green, purple, orange or a yellow beach ball. The color of the ball that you are seeing is all determined by where you are sitting. Even though there are several colors to the ball, you may be only seeing one or two of the colors.

In an organization where there are specific rules or standards that must be adhered to by everyone then the beach ball is simply blue. It doesn’t matter of where you are sitting at the table or what your perspective is if this is the rule to be followed by all. Then the beach ball is blue, period! End of conversation!

Now if you are an organization that is looking to grow the company, a division, a team or just brainstorm ideas to stay ahead of your competition.  In that case, the beach ball can be one of many of the different colors. It can be blue, red, green, purple, orange, yellow or any combination of those colors. This way you will want to be getting everyone that is sitting around the tables perspective, opinions and ideas. As a team of leaders, you’ll be getting a different perspective from every color of the beach ball.

By masterminding in such a way of not being so adamant of what color of the ball you personally are seeing, you begin to see different opportunities, perspectives, solutions or strategies to take your organization, division or team to the next level. You begin to brainstorm ideas to outsmart and outwit the competition. By being open to all the different colors and perspectives of the beach ball you’ll be able to decide on what color or option to choose that is best for everyone and the organization.

In conclusion, if it’s to be a set rule or standard, then the beach ball is blue. However, if it’s a discussion on how to be the best in business. I strongly urge you to consider all the different colors of the beach ball.