Windows of Opportunity!3 min read

This blog is specifically for all of you that are consistently working in your business to the point that you are almost intimidated by the idea of actually taking days out of your business to educate yourself and work on it. For you, this blog is written.

This prior week I had the privilege to take two and a half days out of my business to educate myself and work on my business. I spent two full days with Brad Sugars the founder of Action Coach Global who was conducting a Master Class series for coaches. From these two days, I was able to walk away with some tremendous learnings that will not only help me grow my business, however, to also be a better resource and coach for my clients to better grow themselves and their business as well.

I compiled three pages of action items of which I have already implemented several of them. I was able to mastermind with sixteen other additional talented coaches from around the world. We were able to share best practices along with challenging each other to dig deeper to grow. All in all, it was worth every penny invested.

However, my biggest learning was that when you actually take the time out of your business to educate yourself and work on your business, additional windows of opportunity present themselves. Brad Sugars is creating a television series of which he interviews coaches on client success stories of which he invited me to conduct a ten-minute interview with him which will be aired at a later date. It was an enjoyable conversation as well as a lot of fun in addition to the fact that I will also have access to the taping at a later date for my own use.

Brad also had four additional tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert in his private suite for Friday evening at the T Mobile arena in Las Vegas of which I also had the opportunity to attend. I will share that the concert was excellent, however, made me feel a little up there in age as I attempted to recall when I actually first heard one of their songs. They also did a heartfelt tribute song of the late great Tom Petty. Absolutely a great evening.

I also had a bucket list item that I wanted to check off that weekend of which I enrolled a gentleman within the Action Coach organization to assist me on. He personally knew the owner of a local organization that was able to assist me with that request the following day.

I share this experience with you as I fully expected two full days of great learning from Brad and the other coaches. However, everything else that I enjoyed that weekend was totally unexpected and became all icing on the cake.

The lesson I learned is simple as when you actually commit to slow down, educate yourself, get out of your business and work on your business additional windows of opportunities will open up for you to take advantage of. I am able to participate and take advantage of all sorts of these opportunities throughout the year both locally and around the globe. This provides me with the privilege of masterminding with some extraordinarily talented and dedicated individuals. When I return from these events, I always find myself just a little bit better and smarter than before I left.

My message to you is that I would highly suggest for you to do the same. As you will find that when you actually make the commitment to slow down, get out of your business and work on your business new windows of opportunity will open up for you that can help you take both you and your business to the next level. And, who knows, you just may have some fun while you’re at it!