Wrong Marketing – Wrong Channels!4 min read

Understand that if you’re in business, you are always marketing your brand. There’s a certain group of professionals that I visit monthly. Upon my arrival on my last visit, one gentleman that I’m friendly with asked how I was doing and I simply replied awesome, thank you. He then proceeded to ask me if that was a facade. He mentioned you can’t always be awesome or great. Do you ever have a bad day? He asked.

My answer was yes, absolutely, I’m human, we all have bad days. He mentioned that “You would never know it.” Correct I told him, “YOUwould never know it.” I shared that I don’t ever vent down or across to the wrong channels. I only vent up! He asked what I meant. I explained that I get my stuff out with my coach and my circle of trusted colleagues as so I can be on my A-Game when I’m out here or with my clients. 

Think about being a leader of an organization or team. You can’t vent down to your team as it will only take away the perception of you as a strong, calm, centered leader. You have no one above you, so what do you do? You get a coach or an equal mastermind group that you can filter out your frustrations with. Someone that is your equal or above. 

I witnessed a business owner venting on social media about how a certain customer didn’t appreciate the service they received and didn’t want to pay in full. The vent was several paragraphs long. My question is, who is reading that post? Could it be a potential client? Could it be a current client? Could it be a competitor? How does reading this post change their perception of that particular business owner? Do they now think less of them? Could this possibly affect current relationships or future potential business and customers? 

Understand that we have to be very conscious of where we let our steam off. Posting on social media is the last place you want to get it out as that is an outlet of marketing for your brand and you always want to send the right message to your audience. When you’re letting your steam out, make sure it’s only in the right channels. 

Four points of how to properly get out, what you need to get out, where you need to get it out. 

1.       Get a coach or someone your equal or higher that you can get your frustrations out with that can help you filter through as so you can get back on track. I always tell my clients to get their stuff out with me as so they can go back and be on there A-Game for everyone else. 

2.       Get an exercise program whatever it may be. I believe that a strong body builds a strong mind. Staying in shape will give you the ability to handle adversity better as it will also supply an outlet of your stress. 

3.       For those venting about customers on social media, get clear on your ideal client. Being clear on who to serve will keep you from trying to please everyone. As the old saying goes “attempt to please everyone, please no one.” 

4.       Invest in your morning hour of power to get your mind right to create the clarity of how you are going to show up for the day opposed to the day showing up in ways that you may not appreciate. 

Follow these four points, get clear on who you need to be and how you need to show up. Practice whatever rituals or habits to get yourself consistently on you’re A-Game. Stay in the right channels of colleagues and coaches. With this game plan, you will no longer be doing the Wrong Marketing in the Wrong Channels.  

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