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Reading Time: 1 minute Let me first start by wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day. Labor Day was actually the idea of Peter J. Maguire, a labor union leader who in 1882 proposed a celebration honoring the American worker. Always the first Monday in September, the date was chosen was simply “convenient,” according to Maguire, because it was midway between […]

I’ve got your back!

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Several years ago, as I was conducting my due diligence on buying my coaching practice I spoke with several close trusted colleagues along with some high-end coaches to master mind out my decision process. One executive coach in particular that I connected with made a rather large impression on me and opened up a line […]

Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

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Reading Time: 2 minutes We all remember Hurricane Katrina how it completely ravaged New Orleans. Us football fans may remember that first Monday Night football game hosted by the New Orleans Saints back in the Super Dome. It was like the city was whole again as they all finally got a chance to cheer. There were also some lower […]

Dr. Seuss Sales Persistence

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Reading Time: 2 minutes   The debate can go on forever on what the greatest sales book in the world is. We all know there are many of them out there. However, one that may be overlooked and is familiar to us all is an old classic by Dr. Seuss titled “Green Eggs and Ham.” Now, we have either […]