Earn the right to get that call!2 min read

This past weekend, starting Thursday evening moving into Saturday, many young men were sitting around in their homes on their couches with their family waiting to hear a particular sound. These young men, over the last many years, and most of them, pretty much, their lifetime put in the work, put in the sweat, did the exercise, ate right, slept well, listened to their coaches, all for the goal of this past weekend to hear a particular sound. And that sound was a sound of their phone ringing, an NFL team to come calling for their services, the sound of the NFL draft.

These young men put in the hard work to earn the right to get that call. It’s no different for you and I, right now, in this cycle of business. We need to earn the right to get that phone to ring. Now is a slow period because of what’s going on. Now’s the time to really leverage this time, just like those young men did, to work on our game, to work on our business, to work on our craft, to put the structure and systemization in place, all to create a better business. All to get the phone to ring.

If we truly want to go further with our business and to the next level, maybe we need to read some books and learn more about the different areas of our business so we can get that much better. As when things get going strong again, we would have earned the right for our phone to ring.

Now for those young men, who were drafted this past weekend, the next part of the journey begins. It absolutely, doesn’t end. Now they have to earn the right to make first string, make the team, continue on with the team, and hopefully have many successful years in the NFL.  They will also need to plan for a new occupation or journey after the NFL. It’s all the work they put in from here going forward that will determine that successful outcome. 

It is the absolute same with us. As for now, let’s earn the right to get that phone to ring, take the time, search out experts, mastermind with your team, and innovate ideas of how you can become better. When we come out of this current cycle, and move back into the spring and summer cycle of business, we will have earned the right for the phone to ring and take our business to the next level.