Happy Independence Day1 min read

July 4th is more than just a day to enjoy a BBQ, drink a beer and shoot off fireworks. It’s our country’s birthday and commemorates the birth of a new nation; the day we declared independence from England. A day in which we created our own set of rules and standards to be governed by.

It was indeed a very brave, bold and risky move for our founding fathers to form a new COUNTRY. All 56 men who signed their name on the Declaration of Independence that day actually risked their lives in potentially hanging from the gallows under the British rule.

In addition, every man and women that went before that date that defied the British rule also risked their lives in the birth of our freedom. There has been many men and women since that date that continue to fight all around the world for the very freedom we celebrate today.

My wish is as you drink your cold one, flip your burger, swim in your pool or have fun on your boat in the ocean or lake this week, please take a moment to honor all those who have gone before us to create the freedom we have today. Not only should we celebrate this glorious holiday, however we should also celebrate all those who have and continue to fight on to provide this freedom for us.

Have a safe & happy Independence Day.

Watch more on this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/BI1Aee8FTCs

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