Leveraging tips from Steve Jobs and others!4 min read

Marketing, marketing, marketing! This is the one area we all want to master as so we can drive customers and raving fan clients to consistently use our services. I would like to pose a question to you that was posed to me a few years back. If you were able to pick the minds of the smartest marketing geniuses on the planet. What questions would you ask them and in return, what answers would they give you? If you were able to pick the minds of the greatest leaders on the planet. What questions would you ask them and again, what answers would they give you? How would you use this information to apply in making the shifts to make you better in those areas of marketing and leadership? 

In the book Think & Grow Rich, one of the chapters discussed how Napoleon Hill created an Imaginary Counsel of where he selected a group on individuals some living some not to sit at his mastermind table to ask certain questions as to absorb their knowledge and character to become more of who he needed to be to deliver to those who counted on him.

At first, I personally thought this was a far fetch crazy idea. Really, a mastermind counsel of people of which some of them were not even living. It simply didn’t make sense to me. However, after reading the book several times and actually teaching the philosophies and principles of the book over the years. I actually started to apply this strategy a little less than two years ago.

I chose four different individuals for my own imaginary counsel all for different reasons, advice and potential outcomes. For leadership, I chose General Patton for his tenacity, audacity, planning and knowing one’s history and enemy. For marketing, I chose Steve Jobs for his singleness of focus on the one thing that will make the company great and creating a vision and brand for everyone to follow. I love his saying on Innovation, “We work out what people want before they know they even want it.” I chose Warren Buffet for his patience, knowledge, discipline in spending and calculated investment prowess. And finally, I chose Richard Branson for his entrepreneurial knowledge, spirit, and philanthropy.

Every Monday morning as I get clear on my intention for the week, I pose the same question to each one of these gentlemen. I close my eyes and concentrate on the feedback they would give me based on their knowledge and characteristics. I record these notes on paper, I share them with my coach for further discussion.

Now, just for a moment please slow down and think about this. If you were able to pick the brain of any of these individuals in any of these areas, would you? The answer should be an absolute yes!

I personally can’t share enough of how valuable this practice has been. I have come up with some great ideas to apply in my business using this strategy. I have been able to pick the minds of some of the greatest people on the planet and use their advice to help build me and my business. Please understand that I am relatively a simple person. If it works, I like it! Simple as it’s all about ROI.

Can you apply this strategy? The answer is an absolute yes! However, you have to be very intentional and you have to believe! There are plenty of biographies written on great people. We can learn their character traits through reading, listening and studying. We can become clear of what type of advice they would offer.

Give it a go, get clear on the areas that you want to shine up, chose your own counsel whether living or dead. Create your intentions of what value you would like to extract from this process. Close your eyes, concentrate and you just might be surprised on what comes your way.