The Final Five!3 min read

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I trust you all took the four-day weekend to reflect, relax, recharge, spend time with your family and most importantly get centered on what you’re most grateful for.

Today is Monday, December 2nd, 2019. Essentially the final home stretch of the year. If this were a football game, we would be in the last 5 minutes of the final quarter.

The question is. Are you ahead on your goals of where you wanted to be at this time or are you behind? Do you have plans of taking it easy, attending a few holiday parties, coast and call it a year? Or are you focused on driving hard from here to December 20th

Friday, December 20th ends the last full week prior to the beginning of the holidays. The last two Holiday weeks of this year, hopefully, all of us will be taking time off to again reflect, recharge, relax, spend time with the ones we love and get clear in 2020. This way we can come back in the new year and make it a banner one!

So, lets huddle. Be aware that this is a time of year that we can easily get complacent. There will be many opportunities to let our guard down and get distracted. It’s our job to make sure this does not happen. Time to huddle with your team. Get everyone committed to driving hard till the holidays. Be clear on the expectations of the team in this final drive. Mastermind with them on where to intentionally focus your time and energy. Create some KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for each of the teams to execute between now and then. Be sure to solicit feedback from the team on where they think we should be investing our time.

This is also a time of year to show gratitude to your clients and customers who have helped get you where you are today. Is there anyone in particular that you should be connecting with to thank?

In addition, get clear on next year’s objectives and goals. Be sure you have carved out the time for effective 2020 planning. You can do that in house or out. You can do it yourself or have someone facilitate it for you. Whatever the plan, be sure to get clear as an organization as so you’ll have a clear path of execution on day one of the new year.

In conclusion, simply create a checklist of all that needs to be executed, create the plan of action, delegate appropriately on who’s responsible, commit and execute.

Finally, when all is said and done. It’s Friday, December 20th. The holidays are ahead of you. You and your team are looking back at a job well done for the year. In addition, and most importantly, you are all feeling very proud because you finished the year with a strong united effort of execution. Well done!

Now it’s time to celebrate the people that really got you to where you are as an owner and that’s your team. Take the time to recognize your team for their effort and accomplishment. When that is accomplished. Turn off the light switch, go spend the holidays with your family and come back in 2020 ready to charge!

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