Think & Grow Rich is right track thinking!

Last week we discussed that there is not just one thing that makes the difference. It actually comes down to everything that you do matters in making a difference. Lesson one comes from a great book that was published in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, who was guided by Andrew Carnegie to spend 25 years of his life with no pay researching and analyzing hundreds of the most successful people on the planet in the early 1900s. From that research, Hill came up with thirteen principles that if mastered and applied will make you rich with abundance. That book is “Think & Grow Rich” and chapter one of this book is titled “Thoughts are Things.” 

The chapter essentially shares that “the most dominating thoughts in your mind, mixed with emotion and backed by faith will translate itself into the physical equivalent or reality.” What this essentially means is that whatever thoughts are taking place in your mind, you’re emotional about, you believe that it’s real, will translate itself into reality. However, and unfortunately, it does not specify if those thoughts are positive or negative. 

Here’s a piece of vital information that you need to be very aware of. Negative or poverty type thoughts need no permission to enter your brain, it just walks right in and sometimes without you even knowing it. Positive thoughts, as well as wealth thinking, has to be conditioned. Becoming aware of this, you now know that you have to ward off all negative thoughts while constantly conditioning yourself for the positive. 

Let’s take another look. “The most dominating thoughts in your mind, mixed with emotion and backed by faith will translate itself into the physical equivalent or reality.” Let’s say that you are focused on the things that are currently not going your way in life or in business. You are obviously emotional about it you are backing it with faith as you believe in it and supporting it with thoughts of why it’s happening and unfortunately, you just end up getting more of the very thing you don’t want. 

On the flip side when you are on a roll and things are just falling into your favor. Day after day nothing could go wrong. It’s the dominating thoughts in your mind that you are on you’re A Game, things are happening. You’re juiced up and emotional about it, your faith is there as you see the reality of your actions, you are feeding your mind with all the right stuff and coincidently, you get more of those favorable results. 

What’s the lesson here? It’s actually simple, however, sometimes hard to master. The number one ingredient here is that we have to be very conscious of what we are thinking and what thoughts we are letting enter our minds. We have to ward off all negative thoughts and consistently condition ourselves to the positive. 

Here are a few pointers to master this lesson. 

  1. Don’t watch the news, it’s usually all bad. CNN Constant Negative News channel does not serve you or your cause. Talking about all the things that are wrong in this world definitely doesn’t set you up for an A Game type day! 
  1. Be conscious of the people you associate with. You need to be in a circle of people that lift you up, challenge you to become better. If you have anyone in your circle that doesn’t serve you, I’m here to say, unfortunately, that you may want to spend less or no time there. 
  1. Be conscious and selective in what you are reading whether it be a book, article, blog post or whatever source it may be. Make sure your reading is taking you in the direction of where you want to go. 
  1. Get yourself a gratitude journal and document 5 things you’re grateful for every day as this will get your mind into the positive. It will get your thoughts on all that is right in your environment. 

Simply stated, stay away of whatever doesn’t serve you or your thoughts. Most importantly, take the time to condition yourself with the positive by looking at all the right things in your life and business to condition the right thoughts in your mind to keep you on the right track. Because the right track thinking is what serves you and all those around you. Why? Because right track thinking is the only way to “Think and Grow Rich.”