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We are coming to the next to last of our ABC’s of building a better business. As we wrap it up I believe the perfect word to represent the letter is Yes. Why Yes? Because of the word Yes = You Expect Success!

First, please do not be confused with Yes relating to my blog weeks back on the letter N. My N blog for No asked the question “Are you a Yes person?” A yes person is someone who says yes to everything and then finds themselves overwhelmed with all they took on. Being a business person or just anyone in general, we all have to possess the understanding of properly maintaining and managing ourselves in knowing that there is a time to say yes and a time to say no. This is one of the key ingredients to maintaining our balance in both business and life.

However, in this instance, I would like to touch on the subject of your state of mind as an entrepreneur, a business owner, leader, manager or parent. When we are creating our goals, a business plan or just particular assignments that we would like to accomplish. Being confident in those plans is the key ingredient to the success in those endeavors. What I am essentially saying is when someone asks you about your confidence in accomplishing those plans or goals. You always want to reply with a strong confident Yes! Why? Because saying Yes programs your conscious and subconscious mind that You Expect Success! And when you enter into a venture with the expectation of success your odds of achieving that goal automatically increases.

Think about this the next time you are talking to someone about your goals. Listen carefully to the tonality of your voice in how you are expressing confidence or the lack there of in your speaking. Listen clearly as a leader when you are asking someone else about their goals, plans or assignments. Are they replying with confidence in their voice or do they sound a bit timid in their response? This will give you a clear indication of the potential outcome of these goals, plans or assignments.

If you are a leader of a team or a parent to children, when they ask for your assistance in a particular area that can help them grow as team members or people, give them a solid Yes in your assistance to their questions as you will instill belief and confidence in them.

In conclusion, just be mindful that in any and every conversation you are having, with who-ever you are having it with. Replying with a clear, confident Yes, you will consistently send the message to both yourself and others that You Expect Success.

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