Ideal Client – keeps on getting better and better.3 min read

Ideal Client – keeps on getting better and better.

A couple weeks back, we talked about creating an ideal client checklist and how valuable that can be in the development of your business. This week I’m going to share something that I experienced last week that literally shows how this process just keeps getting better and better. I mentioned a newer client named Leo, that literally checked off all the boxes of my ideal checklist and we have been working together successfully for about a month now.

On our first coaching call together, I noticed a framed photograph behind him that caught my attention. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island and being a Boston Red Sox fan. I’m looking at this photo that looked somewhat familiar. I ask, “Leo, what’s that photo behind you?” His reply, “Well, I’m a Mets fan. This is when the Mets went to the World Series with the Boston Red Sox.” Then it hit me, “Oh God, you got to be kidding me.” It was the game when the ball rolled between Joe Buckner’s legs at first base and the Red Sox lost the World Series. I remember that day explicitly like it was yesterday. I was in my condo watching the game. When that happened, I was screaming to the point that my next-door neighbor knocked on my door to ask if I was okay. Of course, being a diehard Red Sox fan at the time, I replied, “I’m fine.” In sports reality, I wasn’t fine. It’s safe to say that photo of this particular event wasn’t my favorite. I then jokingly told Leo, you got to do something with that picture. We then dismissed it and carried on with our call.

Last week when we’re on our coaching call together, as soon as I pulled up the Zoom screen, I see this poster of these two incredible looking rhinos covering that photo. The reason this is important is that, Leo knows that I’m a lover of rhinos. 

Why do I share this particular event? Because I shared a couple weeks back about working with ideal clients. I shared about Leo checking off all the boxes of my ideal client checklist. As a client, he understood that the photo bugged me. Leo, also in knowing that I love rhinos and that I’m a Red Sox fan, he was thinking of me, of how he can make an impact on the relationship. 

Our coaching call is at 4 pm on a Thursday, my last coaching call of the week. It just happened to be my best call of the week. Why? Because as soon as I saw that photo, I realized the quality of the person he is as well as the relationship that we’re building together to make him and his business successful. Leo is committed to the process and its clients like that I most greatly enjoy working with. It’s clients like Leo that get me excited because I know we’re going to achieve amazing results.

I would encourage you to go two weeks back and revisit that video and blog, go through that process, funnel it down, and you’ll be amazed at what it can create. You’ll get crystal clear and start working with those people that you love working with. Again, get clear on your ideal client, go through the process, create a checklist, do the work, and you’ll just be amazed in understanding that it keeps on getting better and better.