Month: January 2018

Efficiency = Success

To remain on top in an increasingly competitive world, organizations must boost operational efficiency wherever possible. It’s particularly important for small to medium size businesses to operate efficiently, because they often have limited resources compared to larger organizations. The following are a few tips to help your organization increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the …

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Have you Mastered Delivery?

Delivery Mastery is about getting your products and services into your customers’ hands when they want it the way they want it. Delivery Mastery is all about delivering what you said you would deliver when you said you would deliver it the way you said you would deliver it, anything less is unacceptable. Simply put, Delivery Mastery is essentially about making …

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Do you have Solid Organizational Bench Strength?

In any organization or sports team, any sustainable success will always come down to their bench strength. We’ve seen it in basketball games where the second teamers would come off the bench and pull ahead in the score by outperforming the bench of the opposing team. We’ve seen it in football games when a first …

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